By   January 10, 2013

The above video highlights Andy Greene owner of Andy Greene’s Sports and Vintage Race Cars. The shop only works on vintage sports and racing cars ranging from Porsches and MGs to Ferraris. The video shows a lot of the cars in the shop including an early Porsche 911 and many Ferraris. The film is largely about Ferraris, although enthusiasts of other marquess will find something for them . From scenes featuring a 60’s Mustang to a Ferrari 458 Italia, there is a lot of car lovers eye candy in the video.

Andy’s shop only works on older sports and racing cars, unless you own a Ferrari. Ferrari is the one make that Andy’s shop works on no matter the year. The video explains how Andy fell in love with Ferraris and why they are so special to him.

No matter what type of vintage automobile you drive this video will make you happy to be a car guy (or gal).

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Source: Autoblog via Vimeo