By   March 4, 2013

The Porsche 944 was a very good car made by Porsche. Unfortunately, the car was somewhat haunted by its 924 roots (many non-Porsche people still think the 944 has a VW motor) plus the fact that it is a front engined Porsche it was thought of as some other type of car by many Porsche enthusiasts. This has led to these wonderful cars depreciating very quickly (especially the earliest cars). This depreciation has caused these Porsches to get into the hands of people who can’t afford to take care of a Porsche, so they often quickly get to a state of disrepair and their owners can’t afford to keep them on the road.

Beyond this, do to their higher cost of maintenance, but low cost of entry and the fact that they aren’t the most desirable Porsches (at least currently) not very many people are restoring them. While the Turbo, S and S2 models are more sought after (and thus cost a bit more) and have a very good level of performance, you can get a very well maintained and documented early Porsche 944 for less than $5,000. In fact I’ve been tempted to look into a local 944 that is currently on sale for just $2,500 with a newly rebuilt engine (not sure of other problems the car may have) and you can get a very good driver with documented maintenance for around $3,500. With 944s documented maintenance is a big thing if you are looking into buying one as it will save a lot of money in the long run.

For People with a Porsche 944 the future may be brighter as fairly recently a Porsche 944 Turbo S went for over $70,000 at auction. Having said this, if you don’t have a special 944 at auction with the right buyer in the audience don’t expect to see these types of prices very often (at least for a while), but as Porsche has introduced more front engine models and kids grow up riding in them it is possible that the 944 will start going up in value (much as the Porsche 914 has started to now that those early cars are over 40 years old).

The above video shows images from a restoration of a 1985.5 Porsche 944. While the car was not restored to stock, it was a very good restoration/modification and it is nice to see that someone took the time and effort to restore a car that isn’t currently very sought after. In a way people restoring a 944 kind of reminds me of people restoring a muscle car about 20 years ago when the cars didn’t fetch all that much money even when restored and now many of these same cars are going for $50,000+.

Please note that the video ends around the 3:40 mark, but the music keeps playing for another minute or two, so there isn’t anything wrong with the video. Watch the video and let us know what you think of the Porsche 944 and if you are or know someone that is restoring one in the comments below.

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