By   March 15, 2013

The Lamborghini Gallardo is a very good and very fast car. The “baby” Lamborghini isn’t as big as most other Lamborghinis, but it still has a lot of power on tap and will have no problem passing most traffic on the road. When most owners want to see what their Lamborghini Gallardo can do they take it to the local track for some high speed driving on pavement. However, what about people that like to think out of the box? Can you use a Lamborghini Gallardo for rally racing.

Well, the above video attempts to answer that question with a Lamborghini Gallardo rally race testing. The video has a lot of great footage of the car sliding around in the mud (and who doesn’t love that). While the driver’s skill doesn’t look as good as some drivers I’ve seen, he still does a decent job of getting the Gallardo around in the mud. This is the first rally stage test and two more are promised, so we’ll make sure to post them once we see them.

Trouble watching the video? Click here.

Source: YouTube via Jalopnik