By   March 17, 2013

This is the second episode of our weekly update. The update this week highlights a lot of the videos that appear this last week. It covers the road and track test of the new Porsche Cayman, Maintenance on a new Porsche Boxster, the Jeff Gordon Pepsi Max Commercial, Corvettes C1-C7, and the ALMS and Grand-Am merger logo and new name.

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  • Scott Nelson

    The narrator seems to be trying hard, but it he appears inexperienced and this makes the video difficult to watch. Porsche is a fast moving, slick product and the narrator needs to step up appropriately. He needs to speak with emotion, with passion for the product, without “ahs” and with obvious knowledge and enthusiasm. Otherwise he does Porsche a dis-service. Just my 2 cents worth. Otherwise I love your site.

    • David Hurth

      Thanks for your comments. The host is very inexperienced at making videos, so that is probably some of the hosting isn’t yet where we want it to be. Having said that we are working on improving it and hope that it as well as video quality will get better over the next few weeks. Thanks again for the feedback.