By   March 29, 2013

This video is an oldie but goodie from Jay Leno’s garage. In it Jay takes a look at the then new PDK transmission in a Porsche 911 (997) Carrera Cabriolet. There is some footage of Jay, along with his mechanic, taking apart a PDK transmission to see just how the manual automatic transmission works.

The video then features Jay putting the 911 through its paces both in the city and on some nice back roads. He gets to show off the launch control and attempts to show just how fast the transmission can shift. While Leno says he would prefer a traditional manual transmission he says if you have to get an automatic (or manual automatic) get Porsche’s dual clutch transmission.

Also, remember this is an older video (the car is a 2009), so when there is talk about wishing there was a 7-speed manual available that was before the new 991 variant of the 911 came out and started to offer that. I wonder if this video gave Porsche the idea.

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