By   April 4, 2013

The Porsche 356A is a lightweight fun to drive car in its stock form. However, there are those that look at the classic lines of the 356 and think, I bet we can take that great body shape and add some more modern parts to make quite a hot rod. With a car that only weighs about 1,900 pounds if you put in about 200 horsepower, you have a pretty fast car.

Well, Bruce Canepa decided to put a four-cylinder 911 engine into a 1959 Porsche 356A and then upgrade the suspension to a more modern setup. Yes, you read that correctly, a four-cylinder 911 engine. Basically he took out two of the 911’s cylinders and put the engine in a new case to allow for this. This produces a car that has just over 200 horsepower and with the upgraded suspension and the cars light weight it turns out to be quite a little hot rod.

This video features Jay Leno taking a look at the car and Bruce telling Jay all about the car before he drives on the track at Leguna Seca. The video shows the great work done on the car and it really looks as if it was something that could have come from the factory.

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