By   April 9, 2013

Luciano Rupolo is quite a car guy and car collector. He has been involved in many races featuring historic cars and in many rally races as well. His collection includes some interesting cars such as a Ferrari 250 GT/E, a Corvette Stingray, an Alfa Romeo, a Porsche 356, a Brizzarrini and much more. This video features a short documentary about Luciano and shows off his historic car collection. It also has pictures of some of the races that he was involved in and features images of Ferrari GTOs and Ford GT40s just to name a few great cars.

The cars in the collection are all incredible, but there is one car that really stands out. The last six minutes of the video covers the finding and restoration of the earliest Porsche known in existence, Porsche #004. You may say, wait, there is a #003 known to exist and this is true, however because that was built in Gmund (Austria) and had to be sent to Switzerland for coach work it was actually registered a year after #004.

The video is in Italian, but has English subtitles so that we English speaking people can enjoy the video as well.

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