By   June 4, 2013

Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition

For the 50th anniversary of the 911, Porsche is releasing a special Porsche 911 50th Anniversary Edition. The special edition car celebrates the heritage of the German sports car. The car features styling touches inspired by the original 1963 car. The limited edition sports car will be limited to a production of just 1,963 units and the production number is based on the year that the rear-engined automobile was introduced.

This video shows the Anniversary Edition driving along side with an early car. You can clearly see the way that the styling was made to harken back to the earlier car, but in a modern package. The new car has a lot more available performance and is water cooled and yet it still looks like a 911. The video shows off both the classic and modern car.

Stay tuned to this blog as we’ll be posting more information including photos about the special edition car later today. Until then, enjoy the video.

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