By   June 4, 2013

A Tuned Audi S4 Wagon and a Base Porsche Cayman

A Tuned Audi S4 Wagon and a Base Porsche Cayman

Recently, Matt Farah and Chris Harris decided to answer the question, what is better a tuned Audi S4 Wagon or a base Porsche Cayman? The tuned Audi S4 Wagon is quite a sleeper that can put out 415 horsepower. That is quite different from the base Porsche Cayman that has a mere 275 horsepower.

The S4 belongs to Chris and after watching the video, you start to wonder if he has ever heard of a vacuum. Perhaps the folks over at Dyson can help him out a bit. Even though the car is dirty and scratched, it just disappears into the distance when the gas pedal is punched. While capable of hauling around the family the car provides plenty of performance in a package that nobody would expect to be quite so fast.

On the other hand you have the Cayman, which has much less horsepower than the Wagon. However, the car is lighter and much more balanced helping to get the driver more involved. So, with the Porsche it is all about the driving experience. The downside is when driving behind the tuned car it just isn’t fun watching the more powerful sleeper get away from you so quickly.

In this video the two cars are tested and then Chris and Matt try to decide which is more fun to drive. It is a tough choice between theses two cars, but if you were to go for the Cayman S over the base model much of the horsepower disparity would go away.

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