By   July 2, 2013

Porsche Cayman S Versus Lotus Evora S

Porsche Cayman S Versus Lotus Evora S

Earlier today we posted a video that talked about if you should by a Lotus Evora S or a Porsche Cayman S. The video argued that you should buy the Evora even though the Cayman is the more precision tool. Both cars are great in their own way, but choosing between them most people are likely to go the German route for various reasons.

Well, we found this video that actually pits the two sports cars against each other on the track. Both cars are driven on the same track with the same driver to get a lap time and see which of the sports cars is the better performer. In the test the Porsche has a bit of an advantage with its PDK transmission over the Lotus six-speed manual. However, the Evora has more horsepower, but looses on the weight front.

Which one of these track performers would you rather drive? Let us know in the comments below.

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  • heavenshitman1

    That was generally an unfair comparison, this sort of thing happens a lot in the media. The Evora S can be a 4 seater, the Cayman is strict 2, they’re different classes of car. Going by Australian average prices, the Cayman S here is more expensive too. Bout the same purchase price, but Cayman has endless several 10’s of 1000’s of dollars of options.
    Put the Cayman S against the Exige S V6, or even the Elise S, and price per performance, Lotus tends to always edge out. Just the way I like.