By   July 5, 2013

Porsche Wins At Le Mans In 1982: The C Project

Porsche Wins at Le Mans in 1982

In 1982 Porsche had one of its most dominate performances at Le Mans in its history. It was a victory for the German sports car maker in ever category at that year’s 24 Hours of Le Mans. Both the Porsche 935 and 924 won their classes. Of note was that the 924 Carrera GTR took the class win running on partially-shaved street tires. But the biggest victory was by the 956 managing to finish in the top three spots at the famed endurance race.

For the company to be so dominant at the race was not a foregone conclusion. For the year there were a number of rule changes for the top level class including a minimum weight of 1,760 pounds (800 kg), a maximum of a 100 liters of fuel and no more than 25 fuel stops. All of these rule changes lead Porsche to develop better aerodynamics as well as a lightweight aluminum monocoque chassis.

This video documents the challenges and development that led to the incredible performance. This vintage footage shows the work and has footage from the race. With Porsche returning to the top level of Le Mans in 2014 they are hoping that it will be 1982 all over again.

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