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Porsche 968

Porsche 968

This is part eight of a ten part series about 10 Porsches that are currently within a reasonable budget, but that may become very valuable in the future. In part one we covered the Porsche 911 SC, in part two we covered the 911 Carrera 3.2, in part three we covered the 911 (993), in part four we covered the 911 (964), in part five we covered the 912, in part six we covered the 914 and in part seven we covered the 928. In this post we will cover the Porsche 968.

Below is the list of Porsches that will be covered in other posts. Please note that the order of the Porsches in the below list is the order that they will be covered, but not necessarily the order of what is more likely to become valuable.

  1. Porsche 911 SC
  2. Porsche 911 Carrera 3.2
  3. Porsche 911 (993)
  4. Porsche 911 (964)
  5. Porsche 912
  6. Porsche 914
  7. Porsche 928
  8. Porsche 968
  9. Porsche 944
  10. Porsche 924

The Porsche 968 is probably the best front engined four-cylinder production car that Porsche has ever made. The car was originally going to be the 944 S3, but the German car maker decided that it was different enough that it needed its own model. The car’s production was short lived with it only being produced from 1992 – 1995 to make way for the Boxster.

While the car was supposedly 80% new, it looked a lot like the 944 except for the front which looked more like a cross between a 911 and a 928. The 968 did have some important technology that was introduced including VarioCam. This allowed for the updated 3.0-liter engine from the 944 S2 to put out more power when pushed thanks to the variable valve timing. The normally aspirated version of the car put out a strong 236 horsepower.

The regular 968 is a great performing car and there was also a light weight Club Sport version available as well as a couple of very rare turbo versions (just a handful of Turbo S and Turbo RS models were every produced). The model was also offered in a convertible version to allow for great open aired driving. The interior is very similar to the later 944 models, which also added to the thinking of many that the car was basically a revamped 944.

The Porsche 968 is a desirable car that is actually fairly rare because of the cars limited production. Worldwide there were only about 12,500 cars produced from 1992-1995. Of this less than 5,000 made it to North America.

Because of the cars relative rarity and good performance expect to pay between $10,000 – $20,000 (we’ve even seen some asking as much as $50,000, but that is for an incredibly low mileage model) for a good car depending on the year and condition. These cars are more complex to work on than the earlier 944s, so a well maintained car is a must. Also, look for a car that has the manual transmission as it will likely be worth more than cars with the Tiptronic transmission. As with any used Porsche make sure to get a Pre-Purchase Inspection to make sure you are buying a good car.

With the fact that there are a relatively low number of cars and that prices appear to have evened out we think the 968 is one to watch. While its front engine design will keep some collectors away from it, as more and more people get used to a Porsche that offers SUVs and Sedans, these cars will be more appreciated. Look for prices to start to rise slowly over the next few years and if enough people start to look to buy them they will start raising sharply.

No matter if the Porsche 968 goes up in value or not, you will be buying arguably the best front-engined four cylinder car ever made by the company (and if you go mainly by performance, the best four-cylinder car that Porsche has ever made).

Let us know what you think of the Porsche 968 in the comments below.

Picture Source: Abehn

  • Chester

    It’s a great looking example of Porsche design. The few I see every year are quite impressive and people tend to look there way and question what the 968 really is… it’s a Porsche!

  • Mark HA

    The comment that most often comes up about the front engined cars is ‘balance’. They are beautifully balanced cars, front engine, rear gearbox. The standard 924 and early 944’s were a bit low on power. Not so the 968 with one of the largest four cylinder engines produced. The 968 is an absolute pleasure to drive, six speeds and plenty of excitement factor. Hopefully, the ones remaining out there will be looked after, particularly after articles like this eat one!

  • Doc

    The 968 much like the 928 has become the realm of the DIY collector. There is not broad market for it, and most of the nice examples left are in the hands of guys who get a bit greasy at least once a month. The P dealerships hate them cause no one is trained on it, despite being much like the 944. Camshaft adjustment has become a lost art, the cars tend to leak oil from various seals, and the ergonomics are right out of the 924 from the 70s. The upside is the power train which provides startling results from a 4 pot, great clutch and gear ranges, and outstanding rear suspension. Don’t see the market giving the love any time soon.

  • Dual

    ” …most of the nice examples left are in the hands of guys who get a bit greasy at least once a month.”
    Well, there are plenty of home mechanics in the 968 ownership community, but we don’t have to fix our cars monthly, if that’s what you’re snarking about.

    ” The cars tend to leak oil
    from various seals…”
    News to me, as both a 968 owner and active 968 forum participant since 2002. I had 2 944’s before this car and no significant leak issues there either. I think perhaps one rear main seal on three cars since 1985???

    “…the ergonomics are right out of the 924 from the
    No, they are not. They’re right out of the mid-1985 Porsche 944 (except the clock moved). Not the most brilliant ergonomics, but not from the 924.

    Anything else I can help you with here?

    • a

      I have seven cars. four being ferraris.. The 968 gives me the biggest smile because behind the wheel, I simply feel like I’m wearing it…. It goes round corners like 911’s wouldn’t understand. In fact, it was an embarrassment to Porsche for that and had to be terminated

  • mildbill

    I agree that the 968 misses out on the love but as a 968 cabriolet owner I am also always asked “that’s a Porsche” And as far as power and of course balance, the platform of this car makes it a great auto cross star. A under rated car, I believe and a looker if loved and cared for.

  • Grants_968

    Original owner of my 968 coupe. Neighbor friend is OO of her 968 cabriolet. All our work is done by skilled engineers at Heritage Motorcar Research in St Petersburg. Jason Lee at HMR has built my 968 to have a controllable and reliable 550HP. See the two part series in “9 Magazine” on my 968 HMR. These world class sports cars in the right hands such as HMR make the best sleeper outlaws. My friend has kept her 968 Cab in stock showroom condition. Both always attract attention, reliable, and great fun. Highly collectable – but ours are not for sale; they are “keepers.”

  • Barry Hislop

    what do you reckon 924 carreraGT or 968?

    • David Hurth

      I would think that the 924 Carrera GT will eventually be worth more than the 968. Partly because of the low production numbers.

      • rydan

        I think the 924 Carrera GT is already worth quite a bit more than a 968 (at least a non CS version). (Not to mention the 924 Carrera GTS)

        • David Hurth

          That is very true. What I was trying to say is that it will continue to go up in price probably faster than the 968, sorry for not wording it correctly.

  • Graham

    I purchased a 968 CS two years ago. I got my mechanic to replace all of the engine seals and cam and balance shaft belts as soon as I purchased it. I don’t have oil leaks. It is fantastic to drive. it handles like it’s on rails. The ricardo seats look uncomfortable but I drive stints of 600 K no problems. Anybody who has a complaint with this car doesn’t know anything about it.

  • Tom Stahler

    I have a 968 Race car–talk about ultra-rare! It is a purpose built competition car that enjoys the amazing balance that 944-968 owners love, with a blueprinted and customized motor making 290 hp to the wheels–weighing in at only 2400 lbs. Really fun car to drive, very reliable and won the last race I drove it in Willow Springs CA.