By   July 26, 2013

The Porsche 911 At The Goodwood Festival Of Speed

50 Years of the Porsche 911 at Goodwood

At this year’s Goodwood Festival of Speed there was a celebration of 50 years of the Porsche 911. The celebration of the iconic rear-engined sports car featured a model from each of the car’s seven generations. Beyond the street cars there were also a number of racing and rally 911s. In racing you won’t find another car that has had such a successful history.

This video shows highlights of this year’s Goodwood. It includes interviews with some legendary racing drivers who had great success driving for Porsche. The video features footage of all of the 911s on display at the show as well as the 100+ foot sculpture that was the center piece of the event. There is also some great footage of some of the cars driving in the hill climb.

Checkout the video and then let us know what Porsche 911 is your favorite in the comments below.

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