By   August 1, 2013

Ferrari Dino 208 GT4

Ferrari Dino 208 GT4

The Ferrari Dino 208 GT4 is an often overlooked car. The first problem it has (just like the 308 GT4) is that it has a back seat. The next issue is that the engine in its big brother 308 GT4 is much bigger. The 208 GT4 was created to get around the Italian tax that was put on engines with a displacement of over two liters.

As has been said before, there is no replacement for displacement. But is that true with the 208? The car has very ’70s styling that looks great and even though it isn’t as big a V8 as the 308, it has what is perhaps an even better sound. One of the other greats things about it is that it is one of the Ferraris that can be had for a reasonable price (OK, so it was badged a Dino).

This video features an interview with Bradley Price who has owned one of these cars for over a year. He gives his take on the car and lets you know just why he loves his car so much.

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