By   August 8, 2013

Removing Dents from a Porsche 911

Removing Dents from a Porsche 911

If you own a special car like a Porsche every little ding or dent is even more frustrating than for someone that has a less special car. Often to remove a dent one would take it to a body shop and there are times when this is your only option. However, in some circumstances were there is a small dent without many paint issues these dents can be removed with Paintless Dent Rapair (PDR).

This video shows you how PDR works on a Porsche 911 (964). The footage shows how you need to manipulate the panel in order to have no visible dent. This can be a time consuming process that involves pushing on portions of the dent in different directions until the dent is removed. This video shows how it is done and shows some of the many tools that are used for PDR.

Let us know in the comments of any experiences you have with PDR.

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