By   August 14, 2013

Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Porsche 928

Jeremy Clarkson Reviews the Porsche 928

The Porsche 928 is perhaps the greatest GT cars ever made. It was the first car from the German automaker with a V8 engine in the front and was plenty fast for its time. It also handled pretty well with its front engine rear transaxle design. The engine grew over the years with the final version being a 5.4-liter V8 in the 928 GTS.

This video shows Jeremy Clarkson reviewing the 928 GTS. It contains footage of him driving the car on the Top Gear test track as he puts the car through its paces. Mr. Clarkson isn’t the biggest Porsche fan but he does appear to like the 928.

At the end of the video he makes an interesting point. He thinks that Porsche should make the 928 instead of the Cayenne. In recent years there have been rumors of a new 928 (possibly called the 928, 929, or Panamera Coupe), but at this point we haven’t seen any evidence that the car will be made.

Let us know in the comments if you think that Porsche should bring back the 928.

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  • Matthew Hermans

    you guys are really responsive and I really like reading your articles. I’m an owner of a ’88 928 S4 and was an audience to the responses to the article (Top 5 non-911 Porsches) this past weekend.

    There are a lot of passionate followers of the 928 who recognise/remember it’s place in Porsche (and world) history – sadly it is sometimes frustrating that more people don’t remember. The 911 is celebrated over and over – last of the air-cooled, first all wheel drive, the Turbo etc etc. The 928 was a platform for many, many first-used technologies even outside of Porsche’s other models!

    The 911 is so familiar that it has created a large shadow over many other models from Porsche’s history; so much so that people on the street sometimes take a while to understand what they’re looking at when they see the 928…is this a new model etc etc.

    Anyway, keep up the good work !

    Matt Hermans
    ’88 S4 Venice Blue
    Sydney, Australia

  • Matthew Hermans

    I guess I should have a go at actually answering your question !
    I think a “Panamera Coupe” badged as a 928 could compete with the beautiful cars of Aston Martin. Their lineup is a bit full, though, as the 911 is probably much more of a GT than it ever was and so has probably filled the gap between the ‘sports car 911′ and the ‘GT 928′. Another half-step up and you’re at a Panamera anyway.
    I’ve driven around Australia recently and regularly have four people in the 928; something I couldn’t do in the 911 but could in a Panamera so they really have all possibilities well covered.

  • John

    Bring it back. It was the best Porsche ever made imho and it would be a great addition to the lineup.

  • IX-XI

    The 928 was a FABULOUS PORSCHE that should have NEVER BEEN DISCONTINUED.