By   August 22, 2013

Vic Elford on the Porsche 911

Vic Elford on the Porsche 911

Racing legend Vic Elford really made a name for himself racing Porsches. Much of his racing success all started with the Porsche 911. People said that a rear-engined sports car could never be raced, but he was one of the first to prove that wrong.

This video features Vic as he drives to Pebble Beach in a classic 911. He talks about one of the most important things about driving a 911, balance. This is the key that allowed Vic to have so much success in racing the rear-engined sports car.

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  • George

    Vic Elford is one of the best racers today and racing with Porsche is certainly a great advantage to him, proving everyone wrong about this kind of car. Kudos to you!