By   August 23, 2013

The Porsche Carrera GT is One of our 5 Best Mid-Engined Porsches

The Porsche Carrera GT is One of our 5 Best Mid-Engined Porsches

Porsche has made quite a few great cars. They are best known for their rear-engined sports cars, but the very first car to wear a Porsche badge was a mid-engined car (although the production version of the 356 was rear-engined). Having the engine in the middle is considered the best design for neutral handling and most race cars use this layout.

The German Performance car maker has produced some of the best handling mid-engined cars that you can purchase. Below is our list of 5 best mid-engined Porsches.

  1. Porsche Carrera GT
    The Carrera GT is a car that started out with the intent to race at Le Mans. Sadly, that never happened, but the car did manage to become quite a road car. The V10 powered mid-engined supercar provided incredible performance for its day and it is still very fast today. Plus, thanks to its mid-engine design it handles very well on a curvy road.
  2. Porsche 914-6
    The 914-6 offered the same great handling mid-engine package but with much better performance than a standard 914. The car had the potential of being faster than the base 911, so a detuned flat-six was put in to keep it from upstaging its big brother.
  3. Porsche Boxster Spyder
    The Boxster Spyder took a Boxster S and stripped it of a lot weight and then added 10 horsepower. The result was a more focused sports car. Sure the top is difficult to put one and doesn’t provide much rain protection, but on a sunny day, there isn’t a much better sports car. The rear of the car also got some more aggressive styling with its “power domes” (or some may call them humps) and duck tail spoiler.
  4. Porsche Cayman R
    Much like the Boxster Spyder the Cayman R was a stripped down model with a modest power increase. The combination of the two makes for a potent track weapon. Styling of the Cayman R is essentially the same as the standard car, but it does have the R badging and Porsche side lettering to let people know what is about to overtake them.
  5. Porsche Cayman S
    The Cayman S is a great handling car. It is a car that has a great driving platform and the latest version has more aggressive styling and better performance. In fact the performance is so good that it is pretty much the same as the base 911 Carrera, but in a more neutral handling package.

Well, that is our 5 best mid-engined Porsches list. Let us know what you think of it (or what we got wrong or right) in the comments below.

  • enthuz

    What about the 550? 904? 906?

    • David Hurth

      All three are some of the greatest cars to wear a Porsche badge. We decided against them only because of complaints in previous lists about including only very low production cars. So, for this list we tried to put cars that had at least 100 road cars built. The 550 Spyder just missed the cut with 90 known examples built, the other two has 50 road cars built.

      Thanks for sharing your thoughts and those are definitely some great cars.