By   September 9, 2013

Ferrari F40 And F50

Ferrari F40 And F50

Recently, Chris Harris was offered to drive both a Ferrari F40 and F50 on the track. Unlike most offers to drive other people’s cars, the owner of these two cars wearing the Prancing Horse told Chris to drive them how they should be driven (most of the times people ask him to take it easy, which isn’t very good for a video).

This video shows Mr. Harris driving these Italian supercars as they should be driven. When the F50 came out, Ferrari didn’t allow for it to be tested along side the F40 and this video shows why this was. While the F40 is probably the better car, the F50 is still a very good car and it is unfortunate that it is often overlooked.

Check out this video and watch the Ferrari F40 and F50 get driven hard on the track, then let us know what you think in the comments.

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