By   October 29, 2013

2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive

2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive

Yesterday, Porsche Cars North America (PCNA) sent us to Atlanta, Georgia to experience the new generation of the Porsche Panamera lineup. We got a chance to drive the performance cars on both the road and the track. This gave us a chance to see how the four-door car was able to change personalities when being driven hard or when taking a weekend drive.

We’ll have more on our experience in all the cars later this week, but until then enjoy this video. The video was filmed as we road in the back seat of the 2014 Porsche Panamera Turbo Executive. The video starts out with the car using launch control and then shows it going on the track for a hot lap. The driver is one of the great instructors from the Porsche Sports Driving School. It is a bit shaky thanks to us being thrown around on the track (this is why a GoPro is a better choice for this type of filming), but it is worth a watch anyway.

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  • 928’er

    The best thing a driving a Panamera is that you can’t see the outside from the driver’s seat. The car is butt ugly.

    • David Hurth

      The newest generation is a bit better with more of a slope in the back end and a more aggressive front fascia, but I know what you mean. I wish they would produce the shooting brake version as that looked pretty good. From behind the wheel it is a very good car, just has styling in the back that has to grow on you ;)