By   January 6, 2014

Porsche Carrera GT

Porsche Carrera GT

The Porsche Carrera GT is one of the greatest supercars of all times. The V10 mid-engined car is unmistakably a Porsche and yet it has a more aggressive look than many other cars from the German performance car maker.

Just how good was the Carrera GT in its day? Top Gear’s Jeremy Clarkson, who is not a fan of the brand, called it a perfect car.

This video shows the German supercar that the 918 Spyder is the successor to being revved and driven. The footage features both a yellow and a black car. It shows the details of the automobile both inside and out and features the exhaust noise of that V10 monster engine.

Check out the video and then let us know what you think of the Porsche Carrera GT in the comments.

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