By   April 1, 2014

Jay Leno will Leave His Cars to CBS

Jay Leno will Leave His Cars to CBS

Sources close to Jay Leno have confirmed that his Will has recently been changed to leave his entire car collection to CBS. The change to his Last Will and Testament apparently was changed soon after NBC released the comedian.

The former host of the Tonight Show has a large collection of cars ranging from steam cars and Duesenberg to Porsches and Lamborghinis. He also has a lot of interesting cars that aren’t necessarily popular models.

Many felt that NBC didn’t treat him right when replacing him without it being his choice and while he was rated number one. This may be his way to make sure that he has the last laugh.

According to sources CBS plans to use the collection in various TV shows.

Update: for those who haven’t figured it out by the date that this was originally published (April 1st), this was an April Fools joke. We are sure that Jay will do something great with his cars when he does pass away (hopefully not for a very long time), but as far as we know he won’t be giving them to CBS or Fox.

  • Chuck Bernstein

    Almost got me. April fools.

  • Henry Valdez

    Funny I thought he was leaving Collection to Fox his new Employer