By   April 9, 2014

Ferrari 308 GTS

The Ferrari 308 GTS is Currently a Very Affordable Ferrari

The iconic Ferrari 308 GTS is a favorite sports car from late ’70s and early ’80s. The Italian machine was made a legend on the hit TV show Magnum P.I. Because of the car’s popularity a lot were produced (at least by the standards of the Prancing Horse).

This has helped make the 308 GTS one of the most affordable Ferraris that you can buy. Of course a “cheap” Ferrari will still cost you plenty to upkeep.

Average yearly maintenance costs will run you between $700-$1,000 and about every three years you’ll be needing more major maintenance and that will cost you around $2,500-$3,000. And that isn’t mentioning a complete brake job which can cost you around $5,000!

So, while the price of admission is lower with a 308 GTS, you still must be prepared for high maintenance costs. Of course if you can do much of this maintenance yourself you will save plenty of money, but keep in mind that unless you have worked on cars like this before,there may be a steep learning curve.

Performance of the 308 was world class in its day. Depending on the year of the car, performance specs have it able to go 0-60 mph in as fast as the 6 second range. While no match for today’s sports cars, that is still plenty quick to keep up with modern traffic.

With these cars being more affordable but maintenance costs still being higher, it currently doesn’t normally make sense to restore one. Because of this we recommend that you buy a well maintained car without a lot of needs.

As with any used high performance car a pre-purchase inspection is a must. Having one could save you thousands of dollars in future repairs.

Depending on the year of the car, condition and mileage prices can range quite a bit. Below are the current market values for these Ferraris based on various sources.

1977-1980 Ferrari 308 GTS (Carburated) current prices range from $20,000-$40,000
1980-1982 Ferrari 308 GTS (2 valve fuel injected) current prices range from $20,000-$35,000
1983-1984 Ferrari 308 GTS QV (4 valve fuel injected a.k.a. Quattrovalvole cars) current prices range from $25,000-$60,000

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  • Michael Moore

    Not sure where you are getting your figures, but I have seen 1981’s that have been through Classique process reach $70,000 with low mileage. It depends on the car. The last 2 years the cars were “raced” more often because people thought they were so much faster so they are often trashed. Those with original paint, original everything, command a premium. One on Ebay sold for $69,000.00 and it was PLUM colored. It is not the model, it is many factors. Paint, rims, tires, maintenance history, classique status (which is becoming extremely important for cars as these Ferrari’s range from 30-40 years old already) and the fact that these cars cannot be restored for practical purposes of cost. You either get in cheap and have tons of work to do or you pay $55-$70k and get a great car investment. In 1982 the car cost $60,000 and believe me, a really good one with all the above will run you over that price today. In 10 years, a 308 under 5,000 miles with low owners and great maintenance will be a six figure car, easily.

    • David Hurth

      You make some great points. These were the average price ranges that we had from multiple sources. However, many of these had higher mileage (for a Ferrari), so if you had a very original and very low mileage car $70K is probably what the car is worth.

      Even though you can still find some examples of these for a lower price we think they will be worth much more in the future as they are great pure Ferrari sports cars.