By   May 1, 2014

2015 Porsche Boxster GTS

2015 Porsche Boxster GTS

The 2015 Porsche Boxster GTS is a huge move for the mid-engined roadster. This gives it an opportunity to be the higher performance machine that it has the potential to be. It also causes one to think about if it is better to get a Boxster GTS or a base 911 Carrera.

Sure the roadster has had an S model since 1999 and the Spyder showed what a good pure track machine it could be. But the GTS takes these and turns up the volume. It may not be quite as purposeful as the Boxster Spyder, but you get all the creature comforts along with more power.


Porsche Boxster GTS Styling

At first glance the GTS looks the same as any other Boxster. With the exception of the GTS badging, there is little to let others know that this is a quicker machine.

As is often the case with Porsches you have to look hard to spot the diffrences. But, once you do you start to notice things like the 20″ Carrera S wheels, the blacked out headlights, the more aggressive front and rear facia and the sports exhaust system with back tail pipes.

All of this fits in well with the classic flowing lines of the convertible. The more masculine lines than previous generation Boxsters, feature a duck tail rear spoiler and large air intakes behind the driver’s doors. All this helps give the car more of a sense of occasion.


Porsche Boxster GTS Interior

The interior of the Boxster GTS should look familiar to any driver of a recent Porsche. The layout is essentially the same in the standard Boxster, but with some upgrades.

The materials used are high quality and include the availability of a full leather interior and seats that have alcantara inserts. All this gives you the feel of being in a premium automobile.

One criticism of the interior is the number of buttons on the center console. I imagine there are less buttons on a space ship.

They make the initial use intimidating and at times very frustrating. However, once one learns where everything is the beauty of the design appears.

Unlike most new cars that have an uncluttered center area, but often require you to go through various menus on the infotainment system, Porsche has every thing available at the push of one button. This allows you to control all the bells and whistles without going through layers of menu options. Once you learn where each button is located, it becomes very fast to control everything.


Porsche Boxster GTS Mid-Engine Sports Car

The Porsche Boxster GTS gets a healthy 15 horsepower increase over the S model. The result is an engine that puts out 330 horsepower and all of that can be put to full use thanks to the standard Sports Chrono Package.

When you buy a GTS it can be mated with the six-speed manual or the optional seven-speed dual clutch PDK transmission. When fitted with the PDK transmission the Boxster GTS can launch from 0 to 60 mph in just 4.4 seconds and can keep going all the way up to the top speed of 174 mph.

While you get better performance with the PDK, we prefer the added drama of the wonderful six-speed manual.


The 2015 Porsche Boxster GTS starts at $73,500 and will be available this summer.


Boxster GTS

The Porsche Boxster GTS is a great handling fast sports car. With only 20 horsepower less than the base 991 Carrera and less weight to carry around it makes it a tough choice between the two.

If you want a well balanced German roadster that will step on the 911s toes, then the GTS is right up your alley. With all the options that you get standard over an S model, it makes the Boxster GTS a bargain.

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