By   May 1, 2014

First Drive of the Ferrari LaFerrari

First Drive of the Ferrari LaFerrari

The Ferrari LaFerrari may be a hybrid, but it isn’t a hybrid. It isn’t even a hybrid in the sense of the McLaren P1 or the Porsche 918 Spyder. Where these cars can run in pure electric mode and can either get incredible performance or good gas mileage, the LaFerrari says who cares how much gas we use, let’s go fast!

Because of this the V12 engine is used all of the time with the electric motors just there to help give it even more power. Thanks to the way the system works instead of having up to 950 horsepower, it never offers less than 950 horsepower.

While we applaud Porsche and McLaren for showing us the likely future of the sports car, it is nice to see a sports car company just say “how can we make the best supercar that we can”? And it truly is a breathtaking machine that uses all of Ferrari’s Formula 1 and road car knowledge to make a spectacular machine.

This video from evo shows a track review of the LaFerrari. It features footage of the car at speed and shows many of the unique design features.

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