By   May 15, 2014

Porsche 914-6

Porsche 914-6

The Porsche 914-6 is a very desirable car in some Porsche circles. The idea of a mid-engine car with a 911 engine made for a great handling sports car.

These cars are pretty rare and it is even harder to find one owned by the same person for 38 years. Unfortunately, surviving 914-6s have not always been treated well and are often forgotten.

The styling is not necessarily the most beautiful to behold, but it grows on you and stands out for being different. These are sports cars that are starting to get more recognition and prices are on the rise.

This video features Porsche enthusiast, Jack Griffin. Over the years he has owned plenty of 911s and 356s, but the 914-6 has remained his. The footage is interesting as he talks about the car and what makes it so special.

He also has some great racing stories, like driving at the 12 Hours of Sebring after just taking a four day racing class in a Nissan 280ZX. It didn’t end well for Jack, but he learned from the experience.

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