By   June 16, 2014

Audi R18 E-Tron Quattro

Did Audi Manage Another Win or did Porsche or Toyota get the Victory?

The stage was set for a very entertaining 24 Hours of Le Mans and it had plenty of twist and turns. The top level of competition was between Audi, Toyota and Porsche. This year had the added interesting story line of Porsche making their return to the top level of competition at the legendary 24 hour endurance race.

The race saw quite a battle for first place with Toyota leading for a large portion of the beginning of the race. Later in the event they moved back and Audi started to battle Porsche for the first and second spots, which is what many had been waiting for.

So, who wan the 2014 24 Hours of Le Mans? Audi managed their 13th victory. Porsche did fight them tooth and nail and had a chance for the win with 2 hours left. Unfortunately, engine failure forced the leading 919 Hybrid LMP1 car out of the race, opening the door for a one, two finish for Audi. Toyota managed to finish third.

It was a great race and sets up a very interesting 2015 race where Nissan will enter the mix and the rumormill has had Ferrari returning to Le Mans as well. No matter if that rumor is correct or not, next year’s 24 hour endurance race should be very good.