By   June 18, 2014

2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R

2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R

One might think that a Bentley Continental is already and rare desirable car, but for some it just isn’t exclusive enough. For them the English luxury car maker has released the 2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R.

The car is based on the GT3 racing machine and has the spirit of the competition car. Of course it does so in a comfortable and luxurious package and most importantly the production is limited to just 300.


2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R Styling

The Continental GT3-R features the prominent Bentley grille and round headlights. At first glance you think it is a standard Continental, until you notice the air-outlets on the front hood.

On the rear you notice the large rear spoiler. The styling is very muscular and luxurious with colored accents on the side of the car to help it stand out from just any other Continental.


2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R Interior

The interior is full of leather, alcantara and carbon fiber. The nicely bolstered chairs help keep you tightly in place on the track when your right foot seeks the floor. The stitching has a quilted pattern in it and has colored accents which helps to keep the interior for looking too stark.


2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R Drivetrain

Powering the GT3-R is a 4.0-liter twin-turbocharged V8 that pumps out 572 horsepower. This power combined with 220 pounds of weight reduction, over the standard Continental, helps the two seater GT rocket from 0-60 mph in just 3.6 seconds. From there it can keep going to the top speed of 170 mph.

The lighter weight body also helps for better handling and quicker braking. An improved suspension is used to further aid in quick cornering.


Pricing for the 2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R has not yet been released, but if you have to ask you probably can’t afford it.


2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R Verdict

The 2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R is a luxurious race car for the street. It is capable of eating away the miles or being right at home at the track.

While you can get about as good performance from a Nissan GT-R or Porsche 911 GT3 at a lower price, If you have the funds for this exclusive luxury high performance machine, you won’t be disappointed. After all, It is one of the few handmade production sports cars that you can currently find.

Desktop wallpaper of the 2014 Bentley Continental GT3-R