By   June 23, 2014

What Would You Drive Game

Let Us Know Which Ride You Would Drive

It’s Monday and the weekend seems so far away. If you are like us, then you are just counting the hours until you can get in your performance car and take a weekend drive. After all, driving is what we car enthusiasts live for.

So, how can you get through the long workweek ahead? Well, we have just the thing to help the hours pass by. We have launched our What Would You Drive game.

The idea of the game is that two performance cars (and occasionally a non-performance car) will be pictured on the screen and you click on the car that you would rather drive. Totals of each car’s wins and losses are then kept and each car gets a score.

For example you might have to decide if you would rather drive a Porsche 911 GT3 or a Nissan GT-R. The car that you choose will get more points and a win recorded for its record.

It may be a simple little game, but we have already been told that it is very addictive (so be warned before playing it). The game will also keep growing and changing as new cars will be added each week, so go play it and then share it with your friends via social media or email.

Play What Would You Drive here.