By   July 9, 2014

Barrett-Jackson Edition Shelby GT

First Barrett-Jackson Edition Shelby GT

Ford Mustang and Carroll Shelby enthusiasts may be interested in a special car that will be available in August. The car is the first Barrett-Jackson Edition Shelby GT to be produced. The 2008 muscle car is even more special when you consider that it is one of only ten special edition convertibles to be produced with a manual transmission.

The high performance car features a Mustang GT engine that has been tuned to get 319 horsepower (remember when that was a lot). It also features upgraded suspension to allow for better handling when pushing it on the tack.

Fittingly, the car will go on the Barrett-Jackson auction block in Reno, Nevada on August 1st. It is expected to get plenty of attention as such special editions usually command a good amount of money.