By   July 15, 2014

Porsche 911 GT2 (993)

Porsche 911 GT2 (993)

The 993 variant of the Porsche 911 was the last of the air-cooled 911s. This has made it almost a legend. Like the last of the dinosaurs, as the air-cooled flat-six has since become extinct.

The 993 has classic 911 lines, but in an even more aerodynamic shape than previous variants. You can clearly see how the modern 911s owe their sleeker shape to this generation.

Beyond being the last of the air-cooled Porsches, the 993 is also the fastest of them. This makes them great performance cars up and down the lineup.

The GT2 was also introduced during this time period and that is the ultimate in a turbocharged air-cooled 911. The car is a beast and is pretty much ready for the race track.

While over all the variant was a very desirable car, there was one thing that was introduced in the 993 that had some purists wonder why it was made. Of course we are talking about the Targa redesign.

The 911 Targa traditionally had a removable roof panel that allowed for open air driving. However for the 993 the design was changed to become more of a large sunroof. It features a large glass top that retracts backwards when open. This gives the car the look of a standard 911 when the roof is closed. The designed was one that you either loved or hated and in the most recent 991 generation Porsche has gone back to the original design (or at least that look).

With these 911s being the last of the cars cooled by God’s good air, they are becoming highly sought after. This is causing prices to continue to climb and if you want one, you may want to purchase sooner rather than later. It looks as though prices are likely to keep climbing for a while, so they will soon be very much out of reach (and they are already starting to get there).

Below are the prices that we found for the Porsche 911 (993). Please remember that prices can be higher or lower depending on condition and this buyer’s guide is just a reference of average prices.

1995 Carrera/Carrera 4/Cabriolet – $26,000 $39,000
1996 Carrera/Carrera 4/Cabriolet/Targa – $27,000 $40,000
1996 Carrera 4S – $36,000 $52,000
1997 Carrera/Carrera 4/Cabriolet/Targa – $29,000 $42,000
1997 Carrera S/Carrera 4S – $37,000 $54,000
1998 Cabriolet – $29,000 $42,000
1998 Carrera S – $38,000 $55,000
1995 – 1996 GT2 – $80,000 – $200,000
1995 – 1998 993 Turbo – $70,000 – $130,000
1997 – 1998 993 Turbo S – $80,000 – $145,000

Picture Source: The Car Spy