By   July 16, 2014

Porsche Cayman R

Porsche Cayman R

Before the Porsche Cayman GTS and future GT4, the Cayman R was the ultimate version of the mid-engined sports car. The concept was simple, add a little bit of horsepower over the S model and put it on a diet. What you get is a more focused machine that is ready for the race track.

To reduce weight unnecessary items such as the air conditioning and radio were removed. While these could be added back, it is amazing how much these small changes affect the character of the performance machine.

This video features a Porsche Cayman R as it revs its engine and drives on the road. This R features a sports exhaust system and racing headers, so the sound is insane.

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  • Jim

    Think my Cayman S with its Fabspeed catback sounded better, at least more livable.

    • JONxSHREDx

      I have the same Fabspeed race exhaust and I think it sounds better too