By   July 17, 2014

Ferrari LaFerrari

Ferrari LaFerrari

The Ferrari LaFerrari may be a hybrid, but it isn’t exactly “green”. The car named after the company that built it offers a combined 950 horsepower from the V12 engine and electric motors.

Unlike the hybrids from McLaren and Porsche, this supercar has no intention of saving fuel. Where you can have the other cars sip fuel (especially with the 918 Spyder), in the Ferrari the V12 is always used. Instead of allowing the electric motors to be used for more economical driving, they are used simply to add more power.

This then would appear to be a track only car (when not sitting in a garage). With so much power it must just be frustrating to drive it on a normal road.

Well, Motor Trend decided to put it to the test. They drove the prancing horse on the track and on the roads around Ferraris headquarters. Is it possible that the LaFerrari is the best road car the company has every made?

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