By   September 17, 2014

Formula E

Formula E

Formula E is surely the quietest form of Motorsport. The series features open-wheeled all-electric vehicles that can hit speeds up to 150 mph. Competitors need to make sure to keep a sharp eye out as you will never hear a car coming up to pass you.

The first race was this past weekend and did it ever have an exciting ending. The two leading cars bumped into one another putting both out of commission and causing Nicolas Prost to get airborne and land upside down. God was watching out for Mr. Prost and he was able to walk away from the horrific looking accident.

The incident allowed for Brazilian Di Grassi to waltz in for the win. The Beijing Evergrande Spring ePrix was a success with 75,000 people attending and an estimated 40 million people watching on TV or over the internet.

It will be interesting to see if people continue to follow the series or if it is just because it is new. Many may have watched just to see how long an all-electric race car could drive at high speed and to see how long a refilling pit stop would take (not long because they just get into another car).

Did you watch the race or not? Let us know what you think of Formula E in the comments.

  • Porsche911996

    Really how wants to watch this? I NOT! This is not motor sports this is taking away al the thinks i wants to hear smell and feel by a race.