By   October 8, 2014

Singer Porsche 911

Singer Porsche 911

The Singer Porsche 911 is an exquisite hand built car. It is based on a 964 generation 911, but has modern pieces along with classic parts. The combination results in a dependable great performing sports car that has the looks of an early 911.

The attention to detail is incredible and you aren’t likely to see another car like it driving past. Of course all this cool and the fact that only a handful are made each year, result in a high price tag. At $250,000 the Singer is an expensive car, but many are willing to pay the premium for a car with this much style and substance.

Of course being a more modern car you have much more power than an early 911, but does the Singer do well on the track? Fifth Gear answers this question in this video. The footage shows how much fun and hard work the tuned Porsche is to drive quickly. One must know what they are doing when driving a Singer 911 quickly, but if you get it all correct it rewards its driver like few other cars can.

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