By   November 5, 2014

Tanner Foust and RAUH-Welt Begriff Volkswagen Beetle

Tanner Foust and RAUH-Welt Begriff Volkswagen Beetle R

The above Volkswagen Beetle is a collaboration between VW Rallycross driver (and Top Gear USA co-host) Tanner Foust and Porsche tuners RAUH-Welt Begriff. They started with a VW Beetle R and added a RAUH-Welt Begriff body kit that made it more aggressive and a full eight inches wider.

The use of a new Beetle may seem odd to some as RAUH-Welt Begriff is known for their air-cooled Porsche 911’s. However, the tuner’s founder, Akira Nakai, and Mr. Foust have been talking about doing a project together for some time. So, when Tanner started driving for Volkswagen and since many Porsche enthusiasts also love classic VW’s it seemed like a good time to make a unique Beetle with its retro styling.

“I love the engineering that Volkswagen puts into its cars — they’re packed with features and very capable — and I love the stylistic cues that you see from tuners in Japan,” said Foust. “I thought it would be interesting to mix the two and see what you would get.”

The tuned VW Beetle made its debut at SEMA. Now, how many people do you think will want one of these (if they are ever sold, of course)?