By   November 25, 2014

Fiat 500e

Fiat 500e

So, I took my Dodge Challenger in to get a routine oil change only to find out my water pump needed to be replacing. I don’t know the reason but I am so thankful for warranties.

I had no other transportation so the dealership (yes, I took my car to the dealership for the oil change as they are free for the first year) let me borrow a Fiat 500e. I’ve always wanted to try a Fiat (they are cute and cool!) but never had the chance. The car is literally half the size of my Challenger which was amusing and a little scary.

Fiat 500e Rear End

The details of the car were nice: leather seats, leather steering wheel, heated seats, bluetooth, etc. The car is a bit like a tin-can; small and not much between yourself and the vehicle next to you. Driving by trucks and other larger sedans was extremely intimidating and I prayed they saw me before changing lanes.

The dealership gave me the car with only 33 miles left till it needed to be charged. I had to make a quick stop to get toilet paper (yes, I have a luxurious life!) and I realized that I didn’t have much space to put it. The Fiat website claims that the car can drive 122 in the city and 108 highway on a single charge. For an in town commuter car would work great (as long as you don’t have drive more than about 50 miles each way). However, if you want power and storage this just isn’t it.

It sounds space age when driving it. The electric motor just makes a slight whirling notice and since it is a one speed transmission you loose the sense of speed that you get from changing gears. While fast enough for traffic it isn’t quite as quick as a performance car (as is to be expected from this type of car).

It is impractical for a family and doesn’t give you the feeling of having a lot of power. However, strangely I find myself wanting one. Not as my primary car, but as a second run around town car. There are certainly better cars out there and yet this electric machine stole my heart (or at least a small part of it).