By   February 9, 2015

Ferrari California

Ferrari California

The Ferrari California is the perfect Italian grand tourer for enjoying the sun in the Golden State. The car is the first prancing horse to have a V8 engine located in the front. It is also the first to have a folding metal roof to allow for open-aired driving while having the security of a hard top.

The California just begs to be driven quickly on the open road. It eats away the miles like not much else and when you decide to step a bit harder on the gas, it will fly past most cars on the road.

We caught this Ferrari California as it was resting in the parking lot outside our office. So, we had to get some footage of the styling of this great machine. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to talk with the owner, but we will keep an eye out for him and see if we can score a ride in it for a future video.

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