By   February 23, 2015

Driving Laguna Seca

Driving Laguna Seca

Laguna Seca is one of the great tracks in North America. It is just wonderful to drive with plenty of elevation changes and one of the hardest corners in the world (due to the elevation change that creates a blind corner).

To drive it quickly takes plenty of practice. The nice thing about Laguna Seca is that if you get some time on it (and they run various automotive club events at the track) it is a perfect location for a vacation.

The track is in Selinas, California, but it is just a short drive to Monterey. This means you can take the entire family or just your significant other and they have plenty to do while you are going flat-out.

This video is a tutorial on driving Laguna Seca. It is designed with the beginner in mind, but even if you have driven it a few times, it is a good refresher guide before going again. The footage shows a good line and gives you sense of what the track is like to tackle.

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