By   April 10, 2015


Chris Harris Gives His Take On If The Nurburgring Change

As you may have heard a few weeks ago a tragic accident happened at the famed Nurburgring. The crash involved a Nissan GT-R NISMO GT3 getting to much air under the car which resulted in it taking flight into a group of spectators killing one of the people watching the race and injuring others.

As a result the NISMO GT3 has been temporarily banned from racing, while an investigation takes place. Because part of the issue was due to the car taking a hill faster than it should have, which allowed the air under the car, talk has quickly turned to potentially changing the track.

Click past the jump (or scroll down if you came to the full article) to see just what automotive personality Chris Harris thinks of the idea.

The idea of changing the track was met with opposition by well known automotive personality, Chris Harris. Mr. Harris took to Twitter to give his thoughts on changing the circuit and said:

Whatever happens at the ‘Ring I think the cars and drivers have to adapt themselves to the circuit. The circuit shouldn’t change.

Chris makes an interesting point. Before they just go and change the race track perhaps it would be a better idea to let the drivers know how they should drive the section and to look at changing cars to make this type of crash less likely.

Another thing that we would add is that instead of changing the entire track, perhaps all that needs to be changed is where spectators stand. Perhaps in some sections they should be moved back some to help keep them a safer distance from the cars.

So, Chris Harris says we should leave the track as is and not have it evolve, but what do you think? Let us know if you agree with Chris in the comments.

Picture source: Mike Roberts

  • scuderia 928

    I don’t think that the track should be changed. I believe that spectators should not be allowed in dangerous track zones. Speeds have increased drastically in modern race cars, so, should we decrease the speed of the same for the sake of safety? NOT!! Get the people out of arms way and the problem is solved.

  • BLWR993

    Completely agree!
    Do NOT change the track.
    Increase spectator safety.

    • Jareth Belanger

      It won’t be changed, at least not easily, the track sits in a nationally protected forest. So without redirecting the section which would cut trees they aren’t allowed to, they can’t do much.

  • spiritrider1

    So if I can’t make a turn due to carrying too much speed should I demand the road be straightened?!? This is ridiculous. You Do not exceed the limit of your car and this car exceeded its limitations.