By   April 12, 2015

Tanner Foust

Tanner Foust

Global Rallycross and U.S. Top Gear Co-Host, Tanner Foust knows his way around a high performance car. He also likes to get sideways whenever he can.

But all of that fun driving leaves quite a carbon footprint. In a world where many think that the emissions from cars is causing a lot of environmental damage, having this much fun in cars is not politically correct. But, what does Mr. Foust think about all of this?

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About his carbon emissions after a Global Rallycross event Tanner shared the below on Twitter.

“Carbon footprint officially increased… I better get to the #FormulaE race quick to balance things out!”

Mr. Foust mentions what many think is the eventual future of Motorsport, Formula E. Of course the comment was made in fun and while we can debate if man made carbon emissions are causing climate change or not, sometimes you just have to roast some tires in your 900 horsepower turbocharged rally car.

Do you think that emission concerns will force more racing series to go the route of Formula E, or will Motorsport use internal combustion engines (including hybrids) for a very long time?

Picture source: Twitter