By   May 7, 2015

Mark Webber

Mark Webber

The 24 Hours of Le Mans is just over one month away and already Mark Webber is getting questions about the famed endurance race. You may know that the former Formula 1 star is and huge bicyclist. In fact if you follow him on Twitter, you’ll see the above image of him riding a bike.

He is also a very good driver for Porsche. So far this season in the Wold Endurance Championship (WEC), his team has been very quick in their 919 Hybrid, but have had problems that have kept then from victory. However, with Le Mans just a few weeks away, Porsche’s chief endurance racing rival, Audi, may be sweating bullets. With how well Mark has been driving they will look for any advantage that they can find.

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One such attempt was by Audi’s Allan McNish. He took to Twitter to see if he could tire Mark out before the race and brought in a charity to add to the temptation.

Allan McNish: Hey fancy cycling to #LeMans Mark Webber? Hook up with the guys from charity. Perfect prep for #24H (-; #tireyouout

To the offer Mr. Webber had a perfect comeback.

Mark Webber: Alan McNish looks bloody cool matey… Though you seem to be correct, I’ll be saving my energy for the “long straights” of Le Mans

It is always fun to see some good hearted banter between competitors. Now to see how it all turns out at the 24 Hours of Le Mans in June. If the first couple of races of the WEC season are an indication, then it should be one of the best in years.

Who do you think will win at Le Mans, Porsche, Audi, Nissan or Toyota?

Source: Twitter