By   June 23, 2015

Mackin Scion FR-S

Mackin Scion FR-S

This weekend is the 93rd running of the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb. One of the many vehicles that will tackle the challenging of driving up the side of the mountain is a Scion FR-S.

Now the road going FR-S (or Subaru BR-Z for that matter) is a fun to drive sporty vehicle that many feel would be just incredible with a bit more horsepower. The purpose built machine that will make the climb is a Mackin FR-S that was first shown at SEMA. Besides the needed safety equipment there is something that we would like to see in a production FR-S sitting under the hood.

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The special Scion FR-S started as a street car and then Evasive Motorsports, GReddy Racing and Mackin Industries got hold of it and turned it into a beast. Since the air gets thin as you climb Pikes Peak a large turbocharger was fitted the the flat-four engine sitting up front.

Beyond the forced induction the FR-S has improved engine/drivetrain cooling systems, a stand-alone ECU, an E85 fuel system and also benefits from reduced weight and a more aggressive aero package. All this should help its driver get up the mountain quickly.

At the wheel will be Robert Walker. This is not his first time at Pikes Peak and that experience should help him get a better time.

“This will be my third race at Pikes Peak,” said Walker. “Experience is especially important at an event like this. We only drive the road at speed in its entirety once each year – on race day. That can be intimidating to any driver. I’m counting on the experience the team and I have gained to give me a heads-up in the competition.”

This will be the 5th year in a row that Scion had a car at the event. Even though this is a modified machine Scion racing is supporting the effort.

Now, if only we could get the one thing we have been begging for in a production Scion FR-S, a turbocharged version. Just like this competition machine ,if Scion could get a higher performance road going variant (perhaps called the FR-S R) they would transform a very good fun driving machine into a great one. While they may be at the mercy of Subaru, we can still hope that a turbocharged model will appear one day (pigs may fly first, but you can always hope).

Until then Robert will charge up Pikes Peak in a turbocharged FR-S and give us a small taste of the dream.