By   August 4, 2015

Adam Carolla Interview

Talking to Adam Carolla

Earlier this week we shared our interview with comedian and car guy, Adam Carolla. As this site has continued to grow we’ve had the opportunity to speak to a few well known automotive personalities, but as far as a name more people know Adam is in the next level.

The conversation was over the phone, but we thought you may be interested in seeing what goes on behind the scenes of one of these interviews. Since we needed to record the interview (a must to make sure you get the quotes correct) we decided to use a GoPro, so you could see how it works.

The audio of Mr. Carolla is unedited with only a bit of editing of before he calls and we added some images of him. Outside of that it is pretty raw footage to help give you the idea of the process.

In this video our Editor in Chief, David Hurth, asks Adam about his new documentary (Winning: The Racing Life of Paul Newman) and his cars. The footage also features David talking about butterflies in his stomach and things of that nature that happen before you talk to a celebrity.

Trouble watching this video? Go to the original YouTube video.