By   August 13, 2015

Concept Cars or Classics

Concept Cars or Classics

We are right in the middle of Monterey Car Week and today is when the activities start to ramp up heading toward the weekend. It all is capped off by the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance where you can see some of the finest machines ever built.

While the vintage automobiles are the main draw for many there are still many others that go for the newer cars. The highlight of this is the concept lawn where many of the most desirable automobiles and concepts are on display.

Fortunately, for those attending the Concours you don’t have to decide on one type of vehicle. The way the event is setup you get a chance to see the new vehicles and concept cars before you see all of the vintage cars.

But if you are going the Pebble Beach what are you most looking forward to seeing? Are you going for the latest automotive technology or the tried and true formula?