By   August 17, 2015


Yesterday was the final day of Monterey Car Week. Because we attend the events that happen each August we often get asked if it is worth attending. We can answer that in one word, yes.


If you are an automotive enthusiast attending events like the Pebble Beach Concours d’Elegance and Rolex Motorsport Reunion are a must at least once in your life. The vintage cars alone are some of the best in the world and that is just the field of the concours.


During the week there are so many car shows, gatherings and other automotive events that it can be overwhelming. However, if you love cars you will be in paradise.


You’ll see vintage Ferraris, Alfa Romeos, Bentleys and much more. As for new cars you’ll see the latest supercars and high performance machines at various events, but the cars you see driving is what really makes it special. In our time this year we spotted a Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1 driving. Not long after that we parked next to a Ferrari LaFerrari.


Of course hotels during the week can cost a small fortune (we found a Super 8 that was charging $400 per night during the week for a very low end hotel room). But at least once in a lifetime every car guy should make sure to experience automotive nirvana.


The below video shows some of the cars that we spotted over the weekend.

If you’ve been to Monterey Car week in the past we would love to here how you liked it and if you go each year.