By   August 18, 2015

Formula E Lap Record set by Daniel Abt

Formula E Lap Record set by Daniel Abt

Formula E has been called the quietest racing series ever. These all-electric competition machines may use the same design principal as a car like the Nissan Leaf but they are very different animals.

The young series has some very good drivers and is important to what very well may end up being the future of the automobile. Thanks to government regulations and a need for alternate fuels, it looks like most automakers see all-electric vehicles as the future of transportation. Racing development often is the best testing ground for new technologies that will eventually find their way into road cars. Formula E paves the way for this development.

While much of the series importance is around technological development, that isn’t to say that there isn’t a lot of good competition. The drivers are currently getting ready for the next event of the season at Donington Park. The teams are prepping each car during testing sessions and some good times have already been recorded.

Sebastien Buem has managed to lap the circuit in just 1:31.050, a lap record for Formula E. That was just last week and then today Daniel Abt showed he could go even faster. He managed a new lap record of just 1:30.250. As you probably already know, a full second on the track is a huge distance.

“When [Sebastien] Buemi said that a 1:29s was possible last week that really motivated me,” Daniel Abt said. “It was a positive day. There was no stopping on track and that’s the main thing. That meant I could just drive and performance-wise we were really good.”

The competition is just heating up and there may be another lap record or two broken at Donington Park before all is said and done.