By   September 9, 2015

Lotus 3-Eleven

Lotus 3-Eleven

The Lotus 3-Eleven has taken on the Nurburgring and has managed a 7 minute 6 second lap time. The famed track may not longer be keeping records of the fastest laps, but that won’t stop automakers from sharing them. The time helps prove that the 3-Eleven will be the quickest Lotus production road car ever made.

That time is very close to what was managed by hybrid supercars like the Porsche 918 Spyder and McLaren P1. The fast lap was done with traffic and talks of a possible 7 minute flat time on an empty track are being chatted.

Powering the lightweight sports car is a supercharged V6 that offers 450 horsepower. It is a machine that could give any passenger a scare with that power and weight savings everywhere. It may be a production car, but even the road car version is much more a track toy than something to commute in. The fact that there is no windshield just shows that this is a purpose built machine.

Jean-Marc Gales, Chief Executive Officer for Group Lotus plc, commented, “The success of this test session is proof that our development philosophy for the 3-Eleven is the right way to go. We’ve always said that to make a car faster you must make it lighter and this new car carries that philosophy to a new level. It condenses all of our engineering know-how into an undiluted performance-focused package and we’re pleased to showcase to the world, the quickest and most powerful production Lotus to date. The 3-Eleven achieved one of the fastest ever lap times around the Nürburgring for any class of car and faster than many other supercars”

Now 7 minutes and 6 seconds is an impressive time. But there is one thing to note. To accomplish this time Lotus took the two fastest laps and combined the quickest sector times. So, while in theory the time is doable for a good driver, it was never quite achieved in the real world. At least not yet.

Deliveries of the Lotus 3-Eleven will start in April of 2016. The starting price for the English sports car is $126,021 for the street version and $148,000 for the race version.