By   September 14, 2015

Porsche Boxster (986) With Glass Convertible Top Upgrade

Porsche Boxster (986) With Glass Convertible Top Upgrade

If you have a convertible sports car with a plastic window then over time it will become yellow and eventually crack from exposure to the elements. This was the case with the top on our 1999 Porsche Boxster (986). The fix for the problem is to either sew in a new plastic window or to install a new top.

We went for the option of a new top and while we were at it we went for a top with a glass window. Part of the thinking for this is that to have a new plastic window sewn into the top was quoted to us between $250 and $500 for parts and labor. For just a bit more a glass top can be purchased and if you do the install yourself you can have a top with a window that will look good for much longer without paying the cost of labor.

The top was provided to is for review by Auto Tops Directs. Beside replacement and upgrade tops for Porsches they also have tops for many other makes and models (including BMW, Mazda Miata, Chevy Camaro and Mercedes). The top that we installed can be seen over at

The below video features a review of the glass convertible top that we installed on an early Porsche Boxster. The footage shows us driving in the car with the new top and some scenes of the glass top installed on the car.

This video shows the entire process for installing the glass top upgrade. The install is fairly involved, but can be done yourself if you take your time. The entire job took us about 10 hours, but this footage has been edited down to about an hour.

#1 Phillips, 1/” flat tip & star screwdriver
Ratchet, 10mm socket
Contact cement spray adhesive (
3M™ Yellow Super Trim Adhesive 08090)
Scissor and razor blade
Black electrical tape
Straight pick 6”
Push-type clip removal tool
2” Putty Knife
Rubber mallet

Trouble watching this video? Go to the original YouTube video of the top review.

Trouble watching this video? Go to the original YouTube video of how to install the new top.