By   September 16, 2015

Aston Martin DB11 Teaser

Aston Martin DB11

Today Aston Martin announced that their next car will be the DB11. The English automaker will debut the successor to the DB9 in 2016 and they teased the new performance car with the above badge rendering.

You are probably thinking that if the current car is called the DB9, why would Aston Martin call the next car the DB11? The answer can be found in the next James Bond movie, Spectre.

Aston Martin DB10

Above is the DB10 that 007 will drive in the new movie. This will be the only DB10 and it has been reported that this is because the company wanted the Bond car to be separate from their next road car. Having said this, it is likely that the DB11 will take plenty of styling queues from the DB10.

Announcing the DB11, Aston Martin CEO Dr Andy Palmer said: “Today I am proud and pleased to confirm that the DB11 nameplate will sit on our next new car.

Not only is it a sign of our intention to continue the long line of iconic sports cars that bear the ‘DB’ moniker – the very bloodline of our brand – but it also shows the world our ambitious plan in action.

The coming years will see Aston Martin transform not only its entire range of models but also its scale and global presence, and the new DB11 will be central to that success.”

Not much is official at this point, other than the 2016 debut timeframe. However, it is being reported that the new car will be the first DB with a Mercedes-AMG sourced V8 engine. There may also be a more expensive V12 option that is built by Aston Martin.

For the V8 a 4.0-liter power plant that outputs between 450-500 horsepower is likely. A twin turbocharged option is also rumored that could further increase the power figures. The engine will likely be mated with a ZF eight-speed transmission that would replace the current six-speed.

Expect to see the Aston Martin DB11 in early 2016.